Christina Loli

Academic Director

About Me

A proficient user of English Language, Christina can master all skills perfectly as well as teach all English Language Systems and Skills. She has worked for 25 years in Language centres delivering group and one-to-one lessons during which she has acquired valuable experience. She is excellent in motivating students to learn and can master handling individual learning needs and styles. The drama studies have cultivated the ability of improvisation in exposing students to real life situations giving them the opportunity to actually use the language to the greatest extent possible during the teaching sessions.


  • Cambridge English

    Diploma in English Language Teaching (UK Level 7 in ESL Traching)

  • British Council

    CELTA (UK Level 5 in ESL Teaching)

  • Nama Theatre Group

    Acting Course - Improvisational Skills

  • English Online Greece

    Academic Director, co-founder, teacher

  • Eurognosi Greece

    Tutor (all levels and Exam Classes)

  • Protasis Language School

    Tutor (all levels and Exam Classes)

  • Real English Language School

    Tutor (all levels and Exam Classes)

  • Fraser School of English

    Tutor (all levels and Exam Classes)