#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

We have answered the most commonly asked questions, but feel free to contact us at any time.

All you need to have is a computer or laptop or even a tablet and fairly fast internet connection.

Yes you can. We offer the opportunity of a trial one-hour lesson for our potential students to experience learning on-line with one of our highly qualified teachers.

The number of hourly or more lessons will be determined according to your level, your goal and your time availability after you are interviewed, complete a placement test and a needs analysis questionnaire. The information is evaluated and an individual tailor - made course is suggested.

Your level is assessed through oral interviews and a placement tests.

Depending on the course made for your level and personal needs material is available through specific course books and handouts sent to you before, after or even during the learning session.

The price of the course is personalized and depends on the duration and the amount of hours per week. Indicative prices you may find if you click here.

The means of payment is decided after arrangement with each individual student.

No charge cancellations may take place 12 hours before the time of the lesson. Otherwise the session is considered completed and therefore charged.